Research & Policy

Adequate Infrastructure Is Critical to Economic Growth

Montana’s aging public infrastructure is aging and suffering from lack of adequate investment.  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers report card for Montana, our immediate infrastructure deficit is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and longer-term projections will reach several billion.

All Montana citizens will benefit from addressing our infrastructure deficit because our infrastructure and economy are inextricably linked. Aside from providing the real and practical connections to markets, our investment in infrastructure creates:

  • Momentum for additional public and private investment and economic growth.
  • Jobs necessary for the design, construction, and maintenance of our infrastructure.
  • Appeal for new people, businesses, and investment dollars interested in areas with superior infrastructure and services.
  • Economic growth, which translates into higher tax revenues and the opportunity to better maintain and enhance the critical infrastructure necessary to support our communities.


Policy Positions

No formal policy positions have been adopted to date.

Any proposal, perspective and information relevant to improving Montana’s system of funding public infrastructure will be considered by the Montana Infrastructure Coalition on a non-partisan basis.  Consideration, therefore, does not indicate or imply that the Coalition supports or opposes anything.  Only the recommendations and positions it officially adopts may be understood as indicating the Coalition’s support or opposition, and all such recommendations and positions will be designed to lead to long-term solutions.